At the House of Charis, there is never a dull moment. Between sharing meals together, study sessions, and house events, House of Charis is a social hub we like to call home. 

To top that off, we LOVE spending time with each other. Laughing. Crying. Growing. Performing at Mock Rock. Taking trips together. You name it. There is nothing quite like have 50-ish sisters to share life with!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there weekly house meetings that House of Charis members are required to attend?

There are mandatory Monday night meetings every week from 5:30-8pm.

Are House of Charis members required to do chores?

Each House of Charis member will have three chores per week plus one weekend clean which is assigned at the beginning of each term. 

How does the house handle food allergies or special dietary needs?

Our cook is great about accommodating specific dietary needs.  If this is an area that you need to have addressed please contact Heather Rodgers at

What are the rules about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and weapons on the House of Charis property?

Absolutely none of these are to be possessed by House of Charis members or their guests on the house property at any time.

Are there "quiet hours"?
During the week before finals and the week of finals, quiet hours apply all day, except from 5-7pm.

Are there any time restrictions for male visitors?
Males are welcome on the main floor and in the basement from 8:00 a.m. until midnight on weekdays, and from 8:00am till 2:00 a.m. on weekends. Males are not permitted on the residential floors at any time except for move in day and by approval of the house managers or director.

What furniture is provided by the house?

-Wardrobe/closet area.  The dimensions vary, but the average size of the wardrobe is 45.5" tall by 22.5" wide by 24" deep.  With three drawers that are 5", 7",and 7" deep
-Desk.  The tabletop average is 25" deep and 49" wide.  It is 29.5" tall.  The desk has three drawers and comes with a removable slide-out writing surface.
-Bed.  Each girl gets either a top or bottom bunk.  These beds are standard twin, but the mattresses are deep enough that extra long sheets will fit as well.  The space under the beds is 10" tall

Is there room for me to bring extra furniture?

As each room differs in size, it is suggested to start out the year with the basics and add extra furniture as needed.  

Is Internet provided by the house?

Yes, Wifi is provided.

Are there any items that members cannot have in their rooms?

-Extension cords (power strips are okay)
-Nails (command strips, tacks, sticky tack and tape are okay)
-Burning candles (candle warmers are allowed)

Are there any electronic items (i.e. lamps, clocks, etc.) provided by the house?

Besides overhead lighting, members will need to furnish their own additional lighting sources, alarm clocks, stereos, computers, etc.

Is there stereo, television, DVD, and/or exercise equipment at the house?

Yes, there is a big screen TV, and DVD.  There is also an exercise area in the basement with a treadmill, bike, and weights.  

Can I have my own television, and/or DVD player in my room?

Yes, we suggest that you double check with your roommates to ensure adequate space.

Are friends and family allowed to stay overnight at the house? Are there places for them to sleep?

Yes, female friends and family are welcome to spend the night at Charis upon approval by house managers.  There are no designated sleeping areas for guests.  Many girls coordinate with other house members find an open bed.  ALL people sleeping in House of Charis MUST sleep in a designated sleeping porch per fire safety laws. 

Are pets allowed?

Fish are the only pets allowed at House of Charis.  

Are their washers and dryers available for use?

The laundry room is located on the second floor of the house.  Members sign-up for two hour time slots to use the facilities (two washers, two dryers, one ironing board, and one drying rack), and can reserve up to 4 hours per week.  The sign-up board is located in the laundry room.  There is storage space in the laundry room for girls' individual soap, etc.

Are there places to keep your toiletries in the bathroom?

Yes, each girl will be assigned a drawer (approximately 3.5" tall, 12" wide, and 15.5" deep) in the bathroom on the same floor as her bedroom .  

Where do I keep my showering toiletries?

There are racks in the bathrooms for storing your shower toiletries.  It is recommended that you bring a plastic shower caddy (with holes in the sides and bottoms so that water can drain out) to keep your toiletries in.

Are there any places where I can store my personal food?

Yes, there is a refrigerator on the second floor in the laundry room where personal food may be kept.  

Should I bring my formal/semi formal attire for any reason? Where can I keep it?

Yes, House of Charis holds or attends between two to four semiformal/formal events during the school year.  There is a storage closet on the third floor of Charis where members are welcome to store their semiformal/formal attire.  Each girl is allowed one feet of hanging space.

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