House of Charis is a Christian discipleship house and sisterhood dedicated to loving God and loving others in Corvallis, on the Oregon State University Campus, and beyond. Our goal is to grow deeper with the Lord and share the love of Christ with our community through our lives and actions. We strive to exude God's love and to be healthy portrayals of Jesus while pursuing academics at Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College, in our jobs around town, and in our social lives. 

With a heavy emphasis on discipleship and community growth, we have weekly activities to cultivate relationships and grow deeper together spiritually. We also encourage community involvement and host a variety of events throughout the school year.

As a Christian house in Corvallis, we are also a ministry of Calvary Corvallis. Although young women living in the House of Charis are not required to attend Calvary Corvallis, they are encouraged to attend and serve in a church of their choice in Corvallis.

Left to Right: Leah gorham, Rachael wood and heather rodgers

Left to Right: Leah gorham, Rachael wood and heather rodgers

Meet Our House Managers and Director

For the 2018-19 school year, we are privileged to have Rachael Wood and Leah Gorham as our House Managers and our ever-faithful Heather Rodgers as the House Director! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many girls live at the House of Charis?

Currently, there are forty-eight girls living in the house.

How many roommates does each girl have?

The majority of girls have three other roommates.  There are four girls to a two-room suite, one room for studying and socializing, and the other room for sleeping.  In addition, there are two rooms with six girls, two rooms with two girls and one room with three girls.

How much is rent per month?

For the 2018-2019 year, rent is $605.00 per month for a ten-month contract (September - June).

Is it mandatory for House of Charis members to attend Calvary Chapel Corvallis on Sundays, or are they able to attend another Christian Church in the area?

Per contract, girls are required to attend a Christian Church on Sundays; however, it does not have to be Calvary Chapel Corvallis.

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