“One of the best things about college was living at Charis. I met some of my lifelong friends I had been praying for there. Charis provided great opportunities to go deeper in my relationship with Jesus, practice leadership, and grow as a person. I never knew a house like Charis could be a reality before I came to college, and I’m so glad I discovered it and I love being involved as much as I can even after graduating! Such a safe, rich, fun place to live in college!”

— Desireé G.

"God is at work in the House of Charis and living there taught me many new things about living in community and how to follow the Lord. When I moved in as a Freshman, I was immediately impacted by the other women I was living with. They genuinely loved the Lord and sought out a relationship with Him. I lived there my whole college experience and to this day, I can't imagine where my walk with the Lord would be if it wasn't for living at Charis. God used those years at Charis to deepen my walk with Him, stretch my faith and refine my character. My sweetest memories from my college years are within those walls, some of my deepest friendships were began there, and I grew so much during my time at House of Charis."

 — Kim E.